Do you have BSS?

Yes folks, BSS is sweeping the nation and the internet alike. But what is BSS you ask? Blender Speak Syndrome BSS is a terrible disease in which the victim changes normal, everyday words into Blender related ones. For example:

Your mesh is terribly deformed! Did you use the discombobulator script?
You’re very battered! Are you OK?


Wrong forum.

You’r looking for the Off-topic forum.


This isn’t quite the right place, but I at times look at things and figure out what I could do to recreate it in Blender.

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and thought ‘Man you desperately need subsurfacing’

i im suffering from it
is there a cure?

3 month vacation from blender, but who can do that???

I just love my new shampoo. It increases the specularity of my hair strand material and reduces the strength of my static particle wave guide soft bodies no end!

Even though this doesnt belong in the BGE forum, it did make me laugh :smiley:
As much of a blender fan that i am, i would never be caught DEAD with BSS.

Wanted Bob

…and It’s not the prettiest interface around either.:slight_smile:

the other day i parented my eyes to the computer screen

Keep attention for the direction or maybe you are seeing your own brainwaves floating around. But if you like it make the skull base transparent and raise the lights. :rolleyes:

This guy [who posted the thread] reminds me of CubeFan973. This is a spammy post, in the completely wrong forum [allthough CubeFan didn’t post things in the wrong forum, so that would make this guy worse than CubeFan].

i would never be caught DEAD with BSS.

that’s because you can’t talk when you’re dead.
would you be caught alive with BSS?

HEY!!! I was in a hurry when I posted this and clicked on the wrong forum…oh well…maybe my brain mesh has had a replace mesh acutator added to it…wait…wuh?..OH NOOOOOO!!!