Do you have to apply booleans before you can start using textures

I think I know the answer to this…but I just want to make sure
I have made a object with a lot of booleans to carve out details and stuff. I havent applied the booleans because I like staying non destructive.

Im at the point where I need to start adding materials and stuff. But since the booleans arent applied…the cuts I made, don’t ‘count’ when I UV unwrap or if I just want to select some faces and assign a material to it.

My question is: when working with booleans, do you HAVE to apply the booleans at the end so you can start working with materials? I would love to keep them non destructive…

ps… i know I can assign the boolean shape a material that will then show on the main object… but that’s a bit to basic. For example, I need to way to paint a smudge that covers the main shape, as well as the shape that is cut with the boolean.

Afaik, yes, you have to apply the booleans before the generated faces can be considered for UV unwrapping which would be a requirement to paint on UVs.

thats what I was afraid of…

Do you know if there’s any other way to apply materials to objects with non-applied booleans to it?

Because I can’t select any of the faces that are made with the booleans either…otherwise I could assign materials to those…

Just procedurals or box/triplanar mapping stuff. Probably not what you want if you need to paint on it.

Boolean operations keep the Materials and UVs from their original objects!

This means that you don’t need to apply the modifiers if you still want to preserve the materials and uvs.

If you want to paint over a boolean object, you need to have the same texture/material for all original objects, with non overlapping uvs (uv atlas).