Do you have to have a middle mouse button to use Blender 3D Software?

I would really like to learn more about Blender and I’ve been doing some basic projects off of websites, but a lot of times you need a “middle mouse button”. I only have a scroll button in between my right click and left click buttons, does this mean I have to go buy a new mouse?

If anyone knows of an alternative that would be great. By the way, I’m trying to do the heart from ( ) When I get to step number nine I cannot figure out how to make the heart skinny without a “middle mouse button”.

Thanks in advance!

Well, normally the mouse wheel can also be pressed on most if not all mouse that has one: it then acts as a middle button, just what you need.


Well, I have the scroll wheel, but what it does is move the view, it doesn’t do as it says in step 9 of the link I provided.

Instead of scrolling (rolling) the wheel, try pushing down on it like a button.

Yes, thats what i mean. If you hold down that scroll button and move the mouse it changes the angle of view, not sizing or anything like that.

Step 9: Select all vertices (press [A] twice), and scale everything in the x-dimension. To do this, enter scaling mode (type s), then constrain scaling to the x axis (type x) This will lock the scaling to only one dimension.

You can also constrain scaling to two axes by pressing Shift+the axis you don’t want to scale.

No MMB required.

Generally there’s a way around using the middle mouse button if you don’t have one.

That’s the normal function of the MMB, which means yours works as it should. But once you are in Scale mode (after pressing the “S” key), then it should restrict the scale axis.

Otherwise, just use the method mentioned by Orinoco.

Thanks a lot guys! Hopefully I can become more familiar with Blender and be able to make cool pics. Thanks again!