Do you know any good compositing tutorial?

I have to say, learning the compositor from tutorials is not easy. Every other aspect of Blender I am learning nicely, but the compositor is tricky. People say what to do in the compositor and I do it, but it’s rarely taught in a good way.

So I’d like ask for tutorials that you know does teach the use of the compositor well.


Many tutorials tell where to connect the nodes. But not many tell you why.
Many of Andrew prices tutorials have good advice on compositing. If you haven’t checked it out already its…

Thanks, I’ll check out that page. I’ll probably go through every compositing tutorial on there not just Andrew Price’s but I’ll start with his.

How about tutorials that cost money? Do you (or anyone) know any good ones for compositing? Or even books?


Are you making still images, animations, or compositing live-action? Each one presents some unique problems in compositing, although they will also share many of the techniques.

Ron Brinkmann’s “Art and Science of Digital Compositing” is a great application-agnostic guide to compositing.
You might also want to look at Jeremy Birn’s “Digital Lighting and Rendering”. It has a couple of decent chapters on render layers and compositing.

Thanks, some great suggestions there!

On Blender Cookie everything from Bartek Skorupa is great. There are some free ones and a bigger Citizen Tutorial.
My favorite book on compositing is “Digital Compositing for Film and Video” by Steve Wright.

Agreed. I’ve seen all of Barteks free videos I could find, hoping to purchase that huge in-depth training video he put out. Good stuff.