Do you know blender anough to figure this out

tell me what you think it is and how it was done lol
good luck

ill post the file if any one cares about this

It’s cool - but I can’t figure it out how you did it - I can ventures a guess that opacity was used . …

maybe lol

try alltitle harder

hint: not a mesh

Ok - how about particles. Is a lamp involved ? and is the what is frame number ? 'cause I thinks animation is involved too!

no particles no animation lol

lights yes

Cheers I downloaded & will try it at home later on.

lol ok then

halo materials and ramps?

you used a pink fluct actuator?


extensive SSS

It looks like a haloed spot with some kind of texture on it, maybe colorbanded.

Quantum Discombobulator?

Black magic?

Or simply a very clever use of transparency and color ramps, with an emitting material inside?