Do you know my name?

What i’ve noticed is that as i’m reading posts i have a bunch of people’s names that i recognise.

Is my name one that you guys remember?

Yes, I recognise your name. I see your posts scattered here and there and say, hey I know him.

yea, i do too, sorry to ask, but how many people also know mine?

Yeah, i know you, though i can’t say exactly what you’ve posted about. But i definetly notice somebody new, i say, “who’s that?” and i look at their post count and it’s like in the 10s or 20s.


Yeah, but I don’t really remember you for much.

I wonder if my name’s recognized…

I have a photographic memory - I remember people by their avatars - and I do remember youres.

I know pretty much all the semi-active users. So yes, I know you.


I am actually a newbie, but i have seen your avatar before

Yep you are a familiar face to me.

Sure, I’m familliar with your user name and avatar.
Once you start posting here it only takes a couple days
for all the regulars to get familiar with you. Don’t worry man I’m sure you’ll be infamouse in no time! :stuck_out_tongue:
C U A round!

i know you. and im curious, not unlike the others, do people know me?

I recognize BMD, but who are you??? :o :o :o :o ( :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

Blendermax, noone can mistake that sheep.

I recognise everyone except cyanid, but now i know you. :smiley:


Does anybody know me? %| (now I have an avatar too!)


I wonder if anyone knows me?

I’ve been here for a while but i don’t post much.

(Damn haven’t made much either)

Sorry, no

I know phrog!!! :smiley:

Yeah I know you. I know everyone who’s already replied to this thread, and of course the thread starter.

But no one knows me. :wink: