Do you know of...

Does anybody know of a good volcano tutorial? I’ve searched and found some, but I was just looking for some more.

I didn’t know any existed… heh.

You might want to check out the stuff on particles in the blender documentation and here on the forum (use ‘search’).

Hope this helps.

In future, please use descriptive titles. You could easily have said in the title “Does anybody know of a good volcano tutorial?”. This helps other people find the thread in future if they also need a volcano tutorial.

How detailed do you want the volcano to be? I assume you want it to erupt so you will need some particle effects. When you do something like this, it’s best to break the animation down into components and look for tutorials on each.

A volcano will consist of a rocky hill so look for tutorials about maybe using terragen to make a rugged hill with proper displacements. As I said above, you will likely need smoke and bit spitting out the top so you need particles tutorials. If you want some advanced effects, you can look at some fluid dynamics for some molten lava.