Do you know site of distribute 3d model for comecial use?

i want to level design for game.
but model making too hard for one person.
i checked few site.
but i do not understand about license.

It is the best if there is a blend file

If you are looking for free commercial use models then those will be harder to find or if you do find them then they will be of horrible quality and not very organized for editing.

thanks for comment.i find few model of royality free in turbosquid.
Does royalty-free mean commercial available?

Unfortunately there isn’t just one answer.
If you read “Public Domain”: this means that you can make the use you want, no restrictions.
As for every other “formula”, better you take the time to read the full license tied to every single website and to every single model. In case of doubt, getting in touch with the website admins and with the model author is the best thing you can do (in some cases, having tried to contact the author has been considered a proof of “bona fide”).

There are thousands of models in .3ds format on Some of them actually look quite good. Just bear in mind that .3ds format is all triangles. Also there are one or two shortcomings in the Blender .3ds importer, though the patch I posted here might help.

try this free 3d models
some of them look like nice and maybe can commercial use.
And it have provide files like max, obj, fbx, c4d, skp, model 3ds and etc. All available for free download without any registered.
help can help you.