Do you know the best video game theme song?

Maybe I’m just weird, but I just love the soundtrack to Myst III (I haven’t gotten to play/hear IV yet). Unfortunately, it’s already out of print.

I don’t have a single favorite but this classic sticks in my a head a lot! (Anyone remember this one?)
Sonic CD song 9
The reason being, that when the SEGA Genesis was released, this was the first CDROM video game system on the market, and music of this quality for video gaming was unheard of.

Here’s some GREAT awsome music from a video game Parsec.
And here’s a website about it.

Some of my favorites:

Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Zelda: A Link to the Past

Chrono Cross’s soundtrack is still my favorite. :smiley:

Ahhh yeah… I do to love the Sonic CD music, makes me remember my Sega Multi Mega
(a small portable CD-player with a built in sega megadrive(genesis) )

And Turrican II (the Amiga version, intro music) ROCKINGLY cool. belive it or not
fantastic re-makes of all our “all time” favourites (chrono trigger included!) have been
re-made into luxus tunes to todays quality levels…just peak over and get your
free .mp3 dose right here:

And there are radio stations for us C-64/Amiga/Console-game music fans too, 24-hours
a day! <---- all your console fav. music!

Enjoy :wink:

Those are some cool tunes!

I love NewAge music (Tangerine Dream of the 80’s style)

I’ve gotta agree with some others here… the Amiga classic Turrican II had some very good scores! you can listen to those as mp3 format here:

Another Amiga classic game with very nice music I think is Utopia… you can download the MODS packed as ZIP here:
For to listen MODS you need a player… this one seems to play old Amiga mods just fine on a windows system:

You can download several game soundtracks from here (note that the music files were dumped directly from the games and not from OST CDs).

The Secret of Monkey Island!!! hehe :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: %|

Keith. 8)

Here are my choices:
1- Final Fantasy VII
2- Final Fantasy Tactics
3- Xenogear
4- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
5- Forsaken
6- Toe Jam & Earl (Sega Genesis)

I must agree regarding LucasArt’s Outlaws, great soundtrack! They must have been proud of it too, they released it on a separate disk that came with the game. Too bad I don’t have it anymore %| .

I also liked the soundtrack from LucasArt’s Full Throttle. They hired some local biker band to create the music 8) . The way they interwove the music with the game play and story was great. They had the cd for sale at the LucasArt’s webstore. I bought it and a Full Throttle t-shirt. I loved that game, I liked to quote Ben Throttle from time to time. Don’t have the cd or the t-shirt anymore %| .

I also liked the soundtrack from Road Rash 3D. Come to think of it most of the Road Rash games had good soundtracks…“Jesse was a good dog!”.

The Outlaws soundtrack, among other fine Lucasarts soundtracks, can be found at

Metroid Prime

home of videogame remixes

streaming video game remixes.

I hate to be the elitist to name games that nobody has ever played, but there was a Phillips CD game (1996?) called Burn Cycle I never played, but the music is excellent.

There is also One Must Fall Battlegrounds (2003), the game was lacking, but the soundtrack was my cup of tea.

Another cool soundtrack was Streets of Rage for the Genesis, and Lightening Force for the Genesis.

My favorite is the End Battle song from Final Fantasy 7. I must have heard that song maybe a million times as I was farming for materia!


Hehe, funny you should mention OMF. After Diversions heard my OMF inspired songs (still linked on the community portion of their site, but the links are dead; they are available here) they wanted me to work with Saul Botcher (the guy that did the music) on the OMF soundtrack.

Unfortunatly by that time I had already commited to serve a mission, so I had to decline, since they didn’t want me to leave half-way (or what ended up being a quarter-way :slight_smile: ) through the project. But it would have been cool though. I’m having more fun working on my own games anyway :D.


I have had your track in my mp3 collection for a long time!
I downloaded it and recognized it instantly, it’s a good remix.

And oceanscape too…

Really, excellent job on remixing those. Have you submitted them to OCremix? [edit]nm, I believe they are all original, which is really cool, because I thought they were in-game music. (Did not play the game much at all, so all music I know of theirs is from my collection).[/edit]

EDIT: the one I have is called AndYouMustDance by Section III Studios, and the oceanscape one I have heard plenty of times…

…Ah there… found it, 3 songs in my collection by DJ Datajack. :wink:

Yup, they are original. Most of those songs were released before they had finished any of the songs. By the time I released Sharp Edge they had a few of the in game songs finished though.

C’mon folks! We’re on page 3 and still nobody’s mention WarCraft 2? :o

Aside from the sort of dated synthyness, every composition in that game rivaled Danny Elfman/Jerry Goldsmith compositions.

My favorite has to be level one with that awesome harp progression and the booming timpanis.

Aside from that, the ICOM(Shadowgate, Deja Vu) simulations all had cool music.

Streets of Rage kicked A$$. 8)

I also liked the music for Sk8 or Die 2 for NES.

There’s so much good music in video games, it’s insane!


Wow. I have to change mine to Warcraft 2. That brings me back to my childhood in 1995 when my family was the poorest home in the block and my dad brought a PC and video games into my life.


If you mean the marble zone theme… a great, great remix was just released at OCRemix: