Do you know Top 2D Animation Techniques for Commercials?

Sequencing Successive Images in Animation

A perfect 2D animation work for commercials resides in sequencing successive images to obtain the expected movement from images.

Style of Commercials

With 2D animation technique paves way for creators to make commercials in variety of ways.

More Innovative Creations

Every professionals work on exceptional quality of images which are them developed into animation characters which are integrated into illustrating live motion pictures with 2D animation.

So anybody know further more Techniques for 2D Animation?

You’re talking about 2.5D - using After Effects to give photos depth, and then slowly shifting the camera angle to show that 3D depth in the photos. It can be done in Blender as well, but you’ll still need Photoshop or Gimp to break the photo apart into layers, and fill in the backgrounds behind the foreground.

No I do not know.I want to know about the 2D animation techniques .If you know anything about the techniques please share for me.I want to make the animation using this techniques.