Do you know what a chatbot is?

The point of this poll is to see if you know what a chatbot is BEFORE you go and google it. I’m collecting survey results for use in a term paper on [oh wait that would give it away :slight_smile: ]

I should know, I tried to make one with python for and irc channel. :smiley:

It’s one of those annoying AI chatters on IRC. They basically just sit there going “asl” at anyone that enters the chatroom. Guess the technology just isn’t there yet to make them talk like they’re thinking human beings.

On a side note, I’m not sure I even want to know about this report you’re doing… :frowning:


I wasn’t completely sure before I read the replies, but my suspicion was correct.

I guess you didn’t meet Seamuncle in the old days of #blenderchat then.


The quoted post was (admittedly) a cheap stab at people who hang out in AOL chat rooms all day and night looking to “cyber.” omg wtf lolololo r u f? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I apologize for the confusion.


actualy, has a good one that you can send to your friends. my freind did it to me and i was fooled.

Actually I wasn’t thinking about those dumb messenger and chatroom ‘bots’. I was referring more towards the simulated human conversation ones such as Cybelle on the main page of Agent Land.

An example of such simulated conversations are at the Loebner Prize (Turing Test) page:

There’s always the infamous

This is entertaining for a while…

No, smarterchild in AIM is much more intelligent… Full reponses, conversations, everything. :slight_smile:

Lol yeah, a while ago I heard something about a guy who was marrying a girl over internet, wel asking her. He was photo’s and all, and suddenly when he asked to come over someone took the hand on the chat and said it was a chat bot. That guy was actually believing it was a real girl whilke it was a chatbot. But how stupid can you be to think you marry a girl and it’s a chatbot :slight_smile: