Do You Know Where I Can Find Free MP3s?

I keep hearing a bunch of songs that I would love to have on a CD. I’ve got a burner for it, but nowhere to get the MP3s I want. HELP!

It was pointed out to me that the request can be read not only as I did:

I wish to know some place where to download MP3 for free

but also as

I wish to know some place where to download free MP3

difference is subtle, but of course you can reply to CubeFan pointing out
sites which lawfully distribute MP3 for free (i.e. music without copyright and/or distributed under GPL :slight_smile: )

of course if you are going to point out sites/system UNLAWFULLY distributing MP3 of copyrighted material like <self censored> or <self censored>

Then this topic will be locked again and you will granted the new status of “Forum pumpkin”, since you were warned.

Original post:

International Copyright laws prohibits MP3 (or any format…) downloads of songs for which the downloader has not a CD or other copy for which he has paid rights.

Hence If you HAVE the songs you can download (but I’d bet you wont :slight_smile: )

If you don’t have is it unlawful for you to download (for free)

Policies on this site does not allow the exchange of cracked softwar or otherwise unlawful things. This is it so I’d bet I’d better lock this topic before someone replies positively…