Do you like Explainer Animations / Videos?

I really like explainer videos, they are fun to watch and to create as well!
I have created a blog - which you can follow, to see some inspirational animation.

Here is one beautiful example done in 3D -

The links are not working for me.

Yes, sorry for that, I contacted my host and they are saying they are having some problems :(,
will update this thread when fixed.

FIXED NOW! :eyebrowlift2:

No clue what I’m looking at. Needs some context. What does this have to do with Blender, if anything? Site is full of circular references to ‘explainer’ videos.

It has nothing to do with Blender that is why it is in off-topic chat section of the forum :wink:
But has to do with animations.

Its nice I like it.

Hit the like button or follow button on the blog.
Inspirational content updated regularly.

Here is another one - very engaging -

Please follow on facebook and twitter, good content added regularly.

Here is another one to take a break from photorealism!
Love the color palate.

I like this one, it’s great!