Do you like mindless destruction games?

As in you play a game where you get to blow the snot out of the environment, break containers, destroy glass, destroy buildings, break lamps and tables, and rip apart columns.

There’s one recent game on where you just destroy stuff, Crysis allows for some pretty mindless destruction, World in Conflict allows you to destroy the entire city without penalty, sometimes I wreck the environment in any game I’m playing.

How about you, do you like games where you get to destroy the environment without giving a care about anything (this isn’t the same as killing people)?

I LOVE games like this. That’s why I want a game like Crysis or Duke Nukem Forever. Destruction of virtual objects is an obsession of mine. Garry’s Mod, Rekkaturvat, and Half-Life are games that I just love going around destroying stuff.

I had an idea years ago to make a game where you "destroy an environment to find hidden treasure"© (just in case anyone tries to steal this idea lol), and I have tried to find games like this since.

I enjoy exploring how much time the developers put into creating an interactive environment. Games like crysis are fun to ‘pull apart’, but messing with the rocket launcher/nukes can only take a game so far. Many games I’ve enjoyed recently have relatively static environment.


There was a DOS game called Postal, it really was cool.
The 3d version of postal sucked.
A game that is isometric like postal, and as violent as postal would be very popular.
I would volunteer for something like this.{I am a great texture artist}

yea, they are all i play, (the only video game i ever play is half life)…how do i get garrys mod, do i have to go buy it at walmart or something?

Every once in awhile I love to get back into games like diablo just because of the mindless button mashing. Games where the environment can be destroyed are fun during these times. Seldom, though, do I walk thru a game and destroy everything I can, unless those destroyed objects can be used as weapons/cover.

I’ve seen it in a store before, not sure which. but the easiest place to get it is right off the site. Not sure of the link for it…google to the rescue huh?

Sometimes i love to play this kind of games but not always.

I love doing this in games, but i would never like to do it in real life, for some strange reason, probably because i know if i do it in real life, i have to deal with the consequenses, whereas in the game there are no serious consequenses.

I’m not really into games at the moment.

hellz no.

Sitting around and destroying the environment boars me to DEATH, sipping diarrhea coming out of a porky pines d*** and not brushing my teeth after sound SO much more
entertaining to me, maybe in a 2d game it might be cool, but only to kill the enemy’s behind the wall or something.

Once in a while I’ll be playing cod4 and I might go and blow up every car on the street, but thats only if I’ve been drinking, and I’m losing the round anyways.

Why the hell do you think Rampage was so fun! haha.

i don’t play much games anymore these days, played to many in the past i guess.

but something like The Force Unleashed or yes, postal would be fun once in a while. :slight_smile:

Sure, who doesn’t like blowing up stuff? :smiley: I know I do, just not in a GTA way.

These days I’m going for the tactical stuff though – SWAT, Deus Ex.

for some reason i’ve always enjoyed constructive games like Civ/Sim type games. Never really understood the FPS genre.

I play SWAT 4 a lot, do you remember the original SWAT? I used to play that ALL the time when it came out, it was all a bunch of pre-set movies and your decisions just affected the outcome. It’s boring as hell now, but it was fun when I was little.

i remember the ‘Rainbow 6’ i used to play on a PS. :yes:
lots a tactics involved.

has anyone played “The Random Game” by tynach ? I’d like your review on this before trying it. Thank You.

Good old PS. I used to have the mini one, I could fit it in my pocket haha.

Mindlessly blowing the crap out of everything is brilliant!.. even games saying they are really going to do this come way short in my book…

Crisis Zone: the arcade game sequel to time crisis, (this time its a machine gun) is still unbeaten in my book… The console port was a travesty compared to the coin op)

True lies where they shoot out in the toilet…

“Next gen” so far is a huge disapointment… all the new tech goes on “quality pixels” with complex shading and lighting, no one has delivered a game with an amount of destruction to satify me… yet!

Have you heard of Battlefield:Bad company, its got a very realistic destruction engine, and the game is being released hopefully this year, look it up