Do you like Mini golf?

In today’s USA today they had a section on mini golf courses and I thought i’d start this topic about miniature golf.

I like Mini golf, we play it on almost every trip, but a few things you should know.

1). Most courses I would say would fail to really stand out on their own, the holes are almost the same, straight holes, banked holes, holes with a water hazard, anthill holes, ect… But there’s the course that stands out, with obstacles other then grassy hills, tubes, extreme elevation, and an interesting theme.
2). Looking at old courses from the 50’s I would be sad they don’t continue much with the animation of holes, sure some courses have good themes they don’t have much animation to help or impede the ball. In the 50’s for instance they had mechanical platforms that move or rotate, rotating windmill blades, roller coasters (as in one course), swinging devices not seen much anymore. They also had wacky buildings to putt through you don’t really see on holes anymore.
3). As for me I have great ideas for a course, what about reviving mechanical moving/rotating platforms, torrents of water that wash over the hole, smoke and lasers, conveyors, anything that would make the course really stand out.
I think if someone made a course like that it would be really popular.

>>> Do you like Mini golf?

Well, I don’t like it either.
It’s just so… boring :confused:
Ah well, I like sports in general :smiley:

I like minigolf. Lots of fun and it’s a very social activity.

i have often thought of this too.

we are getting a revival of this kind of course around here also. to many crappy cheap ones around that are just no fun.

all the old good ones were busted and replaced by nothing.

also our bumper-boats (often in association with minigolf) have all shut down. most activities like this are gone infact.


I happen to like real golf myself. But I have played mini golf and it can be fun. Good way to work on your putting. :cool:

But I can see what you’re saying. The courses are often quite boring. I was at a place once that did have the mecanical arrangements such as a windmill to shoot through, which was pretty fun. I also like the one where you shoot the ball through a loop and it comes out the other side. :smiley:

I agree on some courses being boring, we did the Dragon’s lair mini golf in Myrtle Beach and half the holes all you needed was a perfectly straight putt, the animatronic dragon was also not even near disney quality either.

And then there’s an indoor mini golf in Branson where half of all 36 holes are banked holes.

I love minigolf, they have this really cool place at Katy Mills Mall where everything is fluorescent and the ceiling is covered in black lights. It makes for great entertainment when you’re out with friends = )

Maybe somebody could make a mini-golf Blender game…

i think they did

I am talking about a full game, like with all of the new features implemented. The water could be reflective, there could be normal maps for everything, there could be parralax mapping, other players, 100% realistic physics, over 100 holes, etc…

We have one of those in the mall on the west side here, they could though use more variety in the holes and more terrain holes.

We did one of those in the Opry Mills mall in Nashville. It was pretty cool, the balls glow in the dark and you recharge them by putting them through special tubes.