Do you like my character body armor ? (UPDATE) boots, legs.!

I made 4 body armor for my character ( bronze, iron, steel and gold ). Do you like it? :

Here is boots and legs :

I think it’s okay- the problem is maybe thatyou can’t really see any structures that really show you that it’s made out of metal!! It’s all just one piece…But I think that’s all pretty difficult- and I probably coudln’t do it any better!! Great Job!!

thanks , i try to make it better.

I like them all except for the gold. I just cant make it out. But what kind of game are you making.

I am making somthing like mmorpg.

You need a nice chrome material- load up a black and white photo, add it as a texture, turn on Ref, col, and emit in the map to tab.

Sorry im not good in English.:frowning: I didn’t understand.:smiley:

I would never wear a gold armour into battle, it is far too soft and will break quickly. But if realism isn’t an issue…

It’s gold “plated” :wink:

Here, try the “precious metals” material. It has nice gold and silver.

What about if i replace gold armor for stone ? :

It’s all about what you like man. You’re the artist!
Thanks for sharing them with us.

Ok, but i want to know if you guys like it.

all with head :

If I was strong enought I would wear a stone armour but I’m not…:stuck_out_tongue: but gold armour looks more “super” than steel compared with stone.

here is gold armor and legs:

And full bronze:

I dont really care about the color as long as I get to play with him… your character has nice proportions by the way
keep it up

I concur, nice modelling. The colours can easely be corrected later, make it playable. :smiley: good luck

Ok, thanks

I assume your looking for critique, so here goes…

It’s a good start, but…

To me, it looks more like a shirt than metal armor. It looks like a single piece. Research what old armor used to look like in the real world, and base your armor off of that. You will notice that old metal armor is usually made up of many pieces(to allow the person to move easily). As it is now, your armor looks like a sweater.:P(no offence)…to fix this, try and make deep cuts in your texture to represent these different pieces that armor is usually made up of. Also, adding some shine with Blender Materials would be nice.(if you know how to do that.)

…those are my thoughts…

ok, i go find some better texture