Do You like my Knife [updated]

WHat do you think?


Okay I added hrdi and a texture to the plane underneath,


Do You like my Knife

Yes, it’s very detailed.

Yup, no crits here.
Try rendering with HDRI.

Love the knife, I have one just like it…tangible though. Great detail work! :smiley:

good texturing. i agree with hdri to improve the light setup.


A very nice model and well texturer but as said above, the scene doesnt do the model justice. Use some HDRI :D. It will greatly improve the model’s materials (ex, the steel will be better because of reflections). Also, do put a texture on that plane, just a wood table or something like that :smiley:

Great work though

As said before, it’s a very good model, and texture, and I like it.

But the scene and the light doesn’t show it’s real value.

it looks real nice. My only crit is that the grind marks on the edge are too repetitive. The strong grey line happens at very determined intervals. If nothing else, it makes it look like the blade wasn’t ground, but purposely etched to look like it was ground.

good stuff. watch out for that sharp double shadow though. its usually not all that pretty. instead of spots, try using a couple of area lights to soften them up, or even get rid of any extra lights and let the HDRI do all the lighting.
looks cool.

I agree with StompinTom. Nice model detail I love the texturing but the double shadow makes it look like the end of the blade has a triangle cut out of it.

It’s a superb model of a knife. Now, as a photographer, I would have lit it differently…

(1) There is a sharp, objectionable shadow or double-shadow behind the knife blade. I don’t want bold, sharp shadows anywhere. I want to soften them.

(2) There’s a lot of sharp reflective-action going on in the flat of the knife-blade. Again, I only want enough reflection to clearly show the viewer the nature of the surface. Right now, I get distraction.

(3) The beveled edge leading to the cutting-edge is in a dark shadow. It’s basically invisible. I want it to be well-lit too. Again, I want to illustrate the nature of the surface. I want a very slight hint of light to illustrate the knife-edge.

(4) The choice of putting the knife on a parquet-floor tile is an interesting one, and it does soften the edges and play an interesting contrast with the detailed kinife-handle … but I don’t know that I would keep it. I’d experiment with other possibilities before passing judgement.

(5) All three of the planes are parallel: the background plane, the object plane, and the camera. I like the fact that the image is well-cropped, and I acknowledge that the camera needs to be close-enough that the inscription on the blade (very nice!) is clearly visible. But I’d like to experiment with that just a little bit.

(6) The inscription on the blade deserves special mention because it’s certainly a feature of the render. Your lighting of that feature is important to show the edges – if this were a real knife, a good rendering of this detail would be important to the client. So you might actually dedicate a very small light to it.

oooo… I like the new hdri render.

I would like to thanl everyone for their input it was really helpful and constructive. ANd in honor this being the finished projects forum This is my last update. Thanks guys