do you like my rim?

finally i made it! this is my first (serious) object ever done with blender.

it’s just bad it went slightly over 1000 verts… i’m going to improve that.
what do you think?

I like it. Can you include some shots of the mesh?

here is the mesh (subsurf off):

Very nice, I really love the modeling.

i think the rim looks really good Jack, how about the rest of the car? :wink:

the car… mmm… to be honest i’m getting crazy to model “only” the tyre (i mean the tread cuts), so i think a whole car will take longer 4 me %|

very nice, smooth looking, i love the details between the “spokes” the little disk shape thing. I love the design! One of the best I’ve seen, in life or 3d.

I would love to see it on speedtiti’s countach! but he already has some great wheels, so you should model a car equal to this rim.

i say it needs chrome! :stuck_out_tongue: or black, depending on what the car looks like! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very “Mickey-Mouse”-ish!

ok, time to reveal a little secret guys… this rim already exists!

it’s the top version of the alfa romeo 147 - made in the boot-shaped country :wink: - and by far my favourite of all the rims: simple, stylish and cool.

here what it actually looks like:

Nice clean m0deling. Great job. Now put this baby in a scene.