Do you like that Cycles materials are node based?

I just want to know the rough persentages of both opinions.
So, Do you like that Cycles materials are node based, and not all in a material tab, like it is in BI?

Short answer, yes.

old way sucked. this is way better. btw you still have settings in prop view.

Love them, the old stack materials are pretty easy to replicate with nodes, and it is a very nice way to get into cycles nodes. But the good thing about nodes is once you get past the basics the are more paths to explore.

The whole nodes thing is completely new to me, but I don’t mind using them. I like just adding what I need when I need it, and not having to look at anything else. My biggest hangup has been trying to wrap my head around what’s been added (and how it works) in each new build, since CG is new to me.

yep, much clearer what is going on. I used to use the old node system which was ok but slightly half assed… many things still being hidden in the stack

More nodes please to really open up what we can do…

and group nodes rock these days for re-using common stuff!

I like the overall idea of the node system, but for material, world and lamp properties you have to use the nodes. Maybe it gives you more possibilities, but in the beginning it’s pretty hard to understand the more complicated settings.

But the idea is quite nice :wink:

I am pretty old-school I guess because I am used to having the material properties in a material tab and nodes confuse the hell out of me.

But if you get used to it I guess it is pretty good, I would like to have the options in the material tab as well but I wouldn’t want to replace the nodes.

I don’t like it at all. It means I have to hurry up and learn nodes now…

Why hurry? :slight_smile:

yes, absolutely, its flexible & empowering! :slight_smile:

And just like Michael said, I find it clearer.

Look at things from the perspective that you won’t always be a noob. And it is easy, you don’t have to get clever with every material, simple setup’s go a long way. If it matures to the point of having a shader complier and the user can write shader nodes using OSL than you are really going to see the power of cycles.

Having some equation/programming based nodes would bring a lot more power into Cycles indeed, such as possibly creating improved scattering effects when used with the velvet and translucency nodes. (though volume support would be needed before truly accurate scattering can be done).

As I heard before, Brecht is hoping that other developers would sign onto the project and accelerate development of the engine, those who have experience working with BI’s source code I imagine would find it much more pleasant to work with the clean and modern codebase that Cycles has.

Anyway, I voted yes for nodes, and for those wishing you had a quicker way to setup materials similar to a stack-based material system like in BI then you can create your own comprehensive group nodes for that.

the time demostrate that nodes is the best way for work with shaders, this happens in 3dsmax that many time no implement nodes but in the las versions make it, personally like more the nodes, the posibilites that connect objects are incredible more powerfull that work with static parameters.