do you like your life?

do you like your life??

I don’t like life period, but who does? Yes its a beautiful thing and im not complaining. But I prefer depression over life if that makes any sense. Darkness consumes my light, but im still content and happy. So it all works out in the end. I happy with depression…

regardless not much will change

so, I don’t even have to consider to decide

i am always happy with my life, i mean i strive for more and more, better and better so will never reach full happiness, but then again i am always happy at what i have done in the past because of that striving for better.

so i am happy for the future with hope, and happy at the past for good decisions which have me in a good position in the present and will set me up well for the future :D.

so yeah my life rocks


yes, i like my life.

I like my life, I have down times, but everyone does. The big thing is hope. If you are down, and sad, the way to know whether your life is good is if you can hope for better, or expect better in the near future.
And I have a fun hobby, and I have tried every hobby. (really)

I could say that I’m in a really hard moment of mu lifes…lots of bad things happening and stuff…but even in my sadness I’m happy of my life. Because there is hope, and that I know things will get better ~soon.

you only have 1life, so appreciate it, make everythings you can to enjoy it. Don’t let your bad moments ruin your whole life.

Well nobody realy know that tho… some people remember something from they`r other life…

I am sick(Not fysical), it is a permanent sickness, it gets me deprest in long periods, and when that happens i feel like my life dosent matter, i hate it, it is bored… i dont meet many people that have it like me… i like my life when i dont have thes periods…

I have it like that too, but that’s because my life does really not matter. I have no friends and I can’t get a good job(I have not enough education, and know no good contacts, I haven’t tried yet though)…
But I try to ignore that and just live on, though I’d rather not…

I hate my life, I’m afraid. I just exist from one pointless day to the next. I’ve got no job, I’ve got no girl and I’ve got no hope. :frowning:

I think I just look at everything from the outside now and it all seems like one big pointless mess. Like if I go on a rollercoaster, sure it’s fun for 3 minutes but when I get off, it’s just a memory. So I think why did I even bother. Isn’t that what life is - just memories? All I have are bad ones.

Also, I think about the end at the present time. Like, on the rollercoaster, I will be thinking that my ride’s going to stop eventually and that prevents me from enjoying it.

I think what I hate most is having shattered dreams or unattainable ones. I used to idealise about how my life would turn out and needless to say, it just hasn’t turned out how I want and it never will. :frowning:

NOR.J, we haven’t heard your answer to the question. Is there a reason why you want to know our opinions about life?

Life is wicked awesome.

Live is the best thing exists! If you have bad times (yes, everyone has them) think of the good times, or about people who are even in a worst situation.
Some of you have no work, or schooling. “Work is inportant in selfrealisation. It give you the feeling you are worth something”. (I learnd that at school…) But they’re right. It doesn’t matter how small.
Try to get somewere, the thing you dream of. Do something to improve it and keep doing more to get it, you will get there.
Only I can’t do it for you. Have more faith in yourself and realise it is’nt that bad.

You can’t dislike your live, you have a computer, so you have a house. Be proud of small things!

At the moment, I’m engaged in a fierce battle of myself vs. a bacterial infection. Somedays I’m winning, somedays I’m losing, but on the days I’m feeling good (most of the time I’m pretty good) I really like my life. Yeah. I’m voting yes.

life is, what you make it.
I work with a lot of refugees,
hollowed out by poverty and disease,
tell me of their dead babies,
and you tell me you’re bored?

Suicidal teens angst ridden wet dreams
get some time and perspective
a little reflective then and only then

Harsh and mean, hell yeah
after the things I’ve seen
skin on bone and that sickly death sheen
you wimper about despair
and hope I care?

Well I do, Atlas could not shoulder the weight in my heart
I try to shame and shock make you think of a new start
cause the energy you self indulgently waste on self hate
could alter the fate of a child that may not… ever live to be bored.

My Life is Realy unstable, i just wonderd how other people has it…

Live is the best thing exists!

Without life nothing exists so That is true… only death and nothing But that is 2 things we know nothing about…

i Dont know what i am going to vote, yes and no if that would be an option

But why is it inevitable that I or anyone else enjoy life when I have things that others don’t? Would you tell a starving child at death’s door holding a cup of water to keep her chin up because there’s a kid down the street without a cup? I don’t think so.

Do you think that because someone like a celebrity has a lot of material wealth that they don’t have a right to be dissatisfied with life? Dissatisfaction doesn’t just come from the way someone feels about their own life either. I hate life because there is such a thing as a starving child; because there are such things as rape, murder and torture. I hate that life is so vulnerable that a person can grow and develop for years and some madman with a shotgun can end it in a fraction of a second.

There was a girl (Jacqui Saburido) on a TV show about face transplants. She was a very beautiful girl but she was in a horrific car accident and it left her looking like a monster. Here’s a link:

Now how do you tell her that life if great? Because she’s still alive perhaps, and she should be thankful because at least she’s not dead like all the dead people? No, I can’t agree that life is great because there are just too many things that can and do go wrong.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but is your bacterial infection one you can recover from or will it affect you for the rest of your life? Will you die from it one day?

That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about. Okay, maybe PlantPerson has managed to cope with his infection and says that life is good but does that mean someone else should feel the same way towards life with the same infection? I don’t think so. It’s just the randomness with which good and bad circumstances are dealt out to people that gets me. Does PlantPerson deserve to have an infection and not BackiZ? Does Jacqui Saburido deserve to have been burned and not WeirdHat. Of course not, but to say that life is great and people shouldn’t complain just because some people accept or enjoy their circumstances is wrong. My vote is firmly No.

I don’t think so either. But I might consider giving the child bread and water and sending a cup and some water to the kid down the street.

I’m with oxman here in the sense that life’s one pointless ay after the next. I also fantasize way too much, to the point of going over detailed conversations in my head with people that either don’t exist or wouldn’t give me the time of day if they saw me.

I have a job, in a factory making mousetraps, and I think I’m going to explode someday and put on a backpack and head out, but the day never comes and these days just keep going. Maybe it will come, who knows, but everything in my life now steers me away from it except me.

I never thought I’d be lonely and working in a factory at 39. When I was a kid I assumed I’d be married with kids and a house by now. I only have myself to blame and that makes it ever so worse.

Life goes on.

I thought I was the only one who fantasized in so much detail that they could live in their own head, and im being serious. Well not about the me being the only one, I know there are others. But I thought it was abnormal.

I have to agree with you Ataryu, depression is fun
well i enjoy it anyway :wink: good to know im not the only one
and being able to live in your head is usefull and fun
for one thing its great practice for mental strength…
and going along with my post in the time travel thread, the way i see things
stuff in my head is as real as anything else. :smiley:
oh, yeah
forget to mention i like my life alright, atm it’s adequite(sp?)