do you make movie short animations

do you have a story to tell, through animation. would you like your movies to be seen by dedicated machinima fans.

if so then why not join TheMoviesUnderground.

as a member of both the blender community and tmu, i think it would be great for the tmu community to see the fantastic animations created by the talented folk here on BlenderArtists. youll be able to upload your movie on tmu’s site, where machinima fans will comment and rate.

everyone will be welcomed with open arms

we also have a radio show that has been going for 4 years in our community, where we talk about movies, machinima, animation, and live and i am wondering if there is anyone who works either in the movies industry, live or animation who would like to be a guest on our little radio show that airs on sundays, to talk about their experiences, what its like to work in the industry and tips for our young directors.

maybe on of the guys who made durian would be kind enough

if you are interested in being interviewed live by 2 crazy guys contact me by pm