Do you make your own textures?

I was wondering how many people working with the BGE made their own textures, and also what software they use to make textures.

I personally just do a google image search for all my textures, however as I start working on more complex things I realize that making your own becomes almost a necessity.

So, tell me your thoughts, tools and methods when it comes to texture creation for BGE games.

From a Blender point of view I made all my textures
From a lawyer point of view I probably stole a bit :slight_smile:
What I want to say is that I made all my textures but sometimes I start
from an existing one or a photo

The tools??
What a question? The GIMP, of course!!! :slight_smile:

If you have Photoshop, here is what you do:

  1. First, take an image of what you want to make into a texture. (make sure to take it in a spot with no shadows, and without anything that would stand out from the rest.)

  2. Put the image in Photoshop, and revise it to how large you want the texture to be.

  3. Next, go into Photoshop, click: Filter> Other> Offset, and set the horizontal offset to half of the image length. (Ex: if the image is 512, then set the offset to 256.)

  4. Use the clone stamp to clear the line that appeared in the center.

  5. Repeat steps 2-3, except set horizontal offset to 0, and vertical offset to half the image length.

  6. You should now have a tileable texture.
    Scaled starting image:

Image with horizontal offset applied (with distortion or “line” circled):

Finished tileable image:
(Anyone can have this image if they want. Just give me some credit if you use it to make something really cool.)

If you don’t understand this, or don’t have Photoshop, say so, and I’ll help with your problem.

I’m just playing around with it, so I can’t really add anything. Since I’m on linux, I use Gimp. I like a painted look more than a photographic one. I like characatured models, also.

I make all my textures for my characters, paint them in photoshop, but for levels, I usually download them, espcially building textures, but I make my own objects textures for crates and such, also in photoshop

i usually make half or so of mine and most of mine are edited in some way since i’v gotten them mostly makie them tilable

and i use gimpfor all my work

ok. Here’s my mini-tut

  1. Get your hands on a camera
  2. Take pictures of things you think you need (yes people will stare at you when you take a picutre of a brick wall)
  3. I use photoshop for the following:
  4. resize and cut it nicely.
  5. (only necessary for repetetive textures) then I make the canvas 9 times bigger and copy the image so I have a 3x3 grid. Then I try to make it repeat smothly, clonestamp tool.
  6. Cut out the center picture.
  7. Evening out lights and shadows with dodge/burn.
  8. Save and use!

I use the Gimp to make all my textures. The only problem with the Gimp is that the “Make Seamless” command works in both the x and y directions (no choice in the matter), so it’s hard to make a horizontaly but not vertically tiled image.

i make half of so of mine and download and mod some Photoshop CS all the way

Im pretty much the same as RagingChaos66, any custom geometry thats not flat or a rectangle you have to custom map otherwise it looks daft.

For terrain like grass etc there’s no point in making new ones if there are good, free to use textures already made.

I’ve seen plenty of examples of pro’s using existing images/photos as a base and modifying them, for example (i think it was a tutorial on Ben Mathis’ website) where he textures an alien head using the skin of a frog as a base.

I paint all my own textures :smiley:

I generally use stuff from the internet. If I needed something abstract, I would probably make it with Blender by applying textures to the World and rendering a 512x512. I don’t spend much time looking for photos on image search. I just go straight to websites that call themselves a “texture site” or something similar. (BTW, thanks for posting that link to the accustudio texture library the other day. It has come in handy.) Sometimes I do want something photographic to use as a tile, but I can’t find it already seamless, so I use the Gimp. I use three filters mainly: Make Seamless (standard), Texturize, and Resynthesizer. I found Texturize and Resynthesizer in a BlenderNation article. I must say that I like the style of textures that fireside makes, but I doubt I would paint them myself (because I lack the skill). I would probably use some sort of Artistic filter on a pre-existing texture to accomplish that look.


Yea, it’s the abstract stuff that I have problems with. Like making a texture map for some obscure rifle no one ever heard of, or for a special type of grenade, etc.

Environment textures you can find anywhere, but it’s those obscure specific objects that I have most trouble finding textures for, so I figure I should find a good way to make my own from scratch. I was thinking of using blender to asign some good materials to a rifle model and render that to a UV map, but I keep thinking that would look a little too perfect (no realistic nicks and scratches on the rifle, that are usually there when the texture is lifted directly from photograph). Although I could probably find a way to add that with some layers in PS later.

Good to hear your opinions, keep em coming.

O, and does anyone here use texture maker? Is it as good as it sounds?

my solution was to lay down some cash for texturemaker. i also bought deep paint 3D which was extremely expensive, at least from my standpoint, but is incredibly useful. there’s also a similar, though less developed UV painting program called tattoo that is free, which i used for awhile before i decided to invest in deep paint 3D. texturemaker is quite a value though, since, as well as being quite alot cheaper, when you get the hang of it, it can make about any seamless texture you can dream up.

Don’t forget to use Blender to create textures. I needed a ocean texture so I followed Cog’s tutorial. When all was done I moved the camera, tweaked the lighting and did a top down render of the scene. After I saved the render, I applied it to a flat plane.

Kinda killed two birds with one stone. It may not be the quickest but I learned a great tutorial on materials and got a great texture.

i make my own high poly modles, with as much detailas posible, some times uses puplic textures, bake the result and ur chicken is ready to serve in 15 to 20 minutes.

i think its just simpler to stick to my own stuff no copy right problemd though it’s not always that easy :frowning:

I make my own textures for bigger projects but for quick little test things I just grab them from the texture cd. I usually use Photoshop but my shopping skills pretty much suck so for the more complex stuff, I’ll just do a top down render in Blender. I tried the gimp but it’s kind of a hassle to work with X11.

Isnt texture maker free?

texture maker is different prices depending on what liscense you buy with it

I have two different texture folders, textures I downloaded (or stole :wink: ), and textures I painted from scratch. That way if I were making a free game just for fun I would have free range of all my textures, and if I were making a game to sell, then I would stick to my own stuff. The important thing is to keep them seperate. Sometimes you can take a texture and ‘modify’ it beyond recognition and say you made it yourself, but I do NOT do that. No. I never have and never will. Why can’t you just believe me! Quit looking at me like that!!!

Of course I use GIMP/Blender combinations to make my own textures.