Do you need a drive for CUDA support?

I know blender doesn’t require this. At least I don’t think it does, but I’ve tried to get acceleration for After Effects but even after using a “hack” that is supposed to allow for “unsupported” cards to be accepted, it still doesn’t work. I then went to the nvidia site and saw some CUDA driver and I was wondering if I should install that or not? It sorta seemed like a developer utility though so I don’t know. Here is a link to the hack I used for Ae and the Cuda driver page.

What card do you have it looks like even with the hack you still need a cuda capable card with at least a Gigabyte of Video Ram and 96 cuda cores. The hack only tricks the software into thinking that you are using a card that adobe has approved even though it isn’t. It’s a pain that adobe only decided to let certain cards use the acceleration though there are a lot of cards that they didn’t approve although they have cuda support.