Do you need music (metal and similar genres, also HipHop ...) for your projects?

I have some new contacts to some local bands and producers so are there some who need some music in their games and projects?

Think some will also contribute their music and just want a mention in credits or so =)
Just let me know if you need some good music or bands or producers for your projects and I will look if I can arrange something and give you some contact details =)

No. But i’ll need new music software. Working on that now.

Hm, I don’t know any music software which I could suggest. =(

I’ve already got my eye on one instrument library actually: The East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra. My dad says he’ll give me a copy of pro-tools or so to use the instrument pack with.

Oh really? Didn’t know that. But I figure any person could just go on and hook a recorder to their audio output too and record from that.

most of the songs on there are pretty much free for people to listen to and enjoy or download where i’ve set it. Some are copyrighted under the copyright act of 1972 of course because they link to other projects of mine. I won’t gripe too much if they’re downloaded or recorded though as long as I’m credited as the original composer.

you got PM :wink: