Do you need, video game music composer :)

Hey guys, I am creating music, you can check it out at:
I started doing this, less then month ago and love doing it, as you will see under the link, I posted, I am improving with each tune.
Actually I can’t moan about a lack of motivation :slight_smile: BUT I would love to create video game music so much and push my limits further, so if you guys decide you need, person who isn’t perfect and has to gain experience, but is on the urge to create video game soundtracks, solely for good words :slight_smile: please, reply, I will be glad to help :wink:


I’m not done with my game yet (probably wont be for a while.) But I’ll definetly remember this.

I haven’t listened to your compositions yet, but I’d be very interested. My game would require (at least):

Around 10 different levels (number not finalized yet) with varying ‘feels’ to it, such as ‘attack situation’ and ‘alarm raised’,

There may be more as well, I’m just listing them as I think of them.

PM me if you’re interested,


welcome fellow soundcloud user.
um im working on a video game that utilizes sound as a puzzle element.
the other composer (im one of the composers ;)) that was working on some of the music got called away for something.
so if you want to fill in for him you can.
otherwise i’ll just finish the music by myself (which im entirely and completely fine with as i like music a lot).

Oh, I’m sorry guys, I forgot to post message on this thread, I am already taken :slight_smile: so for a while I can’t help anyone, I wish you all much success :slight_smile:

That is fine by me :smiley:
I can do my own stuff anyways :wink: