Do you play any MMORPGs?

Do you play any MMORPGs?
If so please post the game, and server here.

I play SWG on the Ahazi server.
Im a Master Creature Handler, and Novice Taras Kasi.

I’ve played EVE online At first it was a little slow then it picked up. I haven’t played it in a bit.

I played SWG on Chimeara server…am a master rifleman and master droid engineer…but I recently switched to bria…to join the Roleplaying Guild Stormtrooper Detachment Epsilon. Heading for Master rifleman and master ranger :stuck_out_tongue:

also played the Trial of Eve and earth and beyond, …ehm…Lineage 2 beta…and ragnarok online…

I played the E3 Beta testing for 3 days of Guild Wars, a Massive online rpg that don’t need any monthly payement. But I really liked it. :smiley:

Yea ill be buying the Guild Wars as soon as it comes out.

Ive also beta tested AC1, AC2, Earth and Beyond, Dark age of Camelot.

Ive payed for and played AC1, DAOC, Shadowbane, Anarchy Online, and of course SWG.

I play Runescape on the world 4 server.

LOL i used to play runescape. I got really good at making money.
After a while i just used it to hack into my school. Because whenever you logged in it showed the IP adress you last logged in from the next time you would log in.