Do you play Eternal-lands?

There’s a really cool mmorpg called Eternal-lands, that was made partly with Blender.
Does anyone else here play it?
If so, what’s your user name?
I’m LIGHTspeed16(LIGHTspeed was taken)

used to play, but not anymore.

I’ve tried it, but the controls seriously lacked.
I wasn’t able to eat because of some bug, so I quit he game.

checking it out right now, tried to get it to work once on Ubuntu but couldn’t. will let you know how it goes now that I have windowXP (And what username I’ll have, hopefully Radscientist if it is still avialable).

I play it occasionally, and my usename is Core_43.

Charlesworthe is back?! Long time no see!

Oh, and no, I don’t play, sorry about the high-jack :slight_smile:

I’ll try the game out at some time in the future.

Nope, it’s a two year old thread.

Good bump, Core43.