Do you play WoW?

If so what class do you play and on what server? Also have you successfully done ICC? (10man or 25man)

Im a 80 Night Elf Mohwak on Draenor :ba:

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I can’t say I have. . . but it’s addictive so I will avoid it.

Some time ago, a neighbours kid when he was in university locked himself up for 48 hours in his dormitory room to play some online game. Well no doubt he was a hero in this online fantasy, but in the “real” world, he lost plenty of points with “real” people for being a well some unprofound term.

Me personally, I prefer the real world where I do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay which I can use for karma points among other things. And folks who do online games, I aplaud them. Even so they is productive somewhat.

I will at some stage do online games, just to see what it’s like.

The length some people will go so they can play WoW, no wonder people sometimes call the game World of Warcrack, some people get so addicted they need help just to play the game less.

Not like I’m not interested in any Blizzard games though, I would consider getting StarCraft2 if I didn’t have to register on their battlenet website just to play the singleplayer campaign (or skirmish against the AI if they have that), what happened to just starting the game and play?

I do play some games but I try to stay away from MMORPG’s because they are so addicting. Sure, gaming is fun, but I don’t want it to take away loads of time I could also invest in real life stuff or training my CG skills. But I guess it cant hurt to play Wow aslong as u know when to stop.

Tricky topic for me, but I feel compared to share. I played EQ for 3 years, then WoW for 1 year… Blender was my transition to quit. My Deviant Art gallery is rather indicative of that…

I then felt I could control playing and just play a little here and there… it didn’t work out (that’s why I “disappeared” from here for a few months). I’ve now quit for good. I do miss playing… but I don’t. There are other things way more important (sitting around doing nothing being one of them), I missed them. While I had been gone too I looked back at stuff I had done with Blender… while not that great, I missed being creative. I missed not working towards goals that had meaning.

My advice to those considering trying… watch this first:
then put the idea out of your head.

Label me a cynic if you may, but I can honestly say that 95% on my online time is spent on this site. And about 80% of my computer time is blender.

Troll Shaman, Deathknight, Priest; Orc Warlock, Earthen Ring. Saving slots for a Tauren paladin, worgen priest and goblin rogue.

It’s not so bad. What happened was too many people forgot the 7th commandment… or 8th depending on your denomination.

No I don’t but if you will teach me guys here then I would give it a try. Reading your good reviews about it intrigues me. :spin:

so many Blizzard games i like to play and world of warcraft is one of them.I also like some other games to play…