Do you recommend blender for this type of projects?

I am a dentists and i want to present my cases using both photographs of the case and animated videos to explain the process. I am thinking of using blender to make the animated videos but i am not sure if it is the appropriate tool in sculpting the oral cavity including teeth, muscles and nerves in different layers and the dental instruments. where can i start from and what should i learn. Thanks in advance

Blender can be used for medical animations, visualizations and sculpting organic structures. You will want to work with scanned data for precision and realism.

That could be an help:

is there any courses that could help?

thanks alot

Blender is even used as a profesiona tool:

Edit: and the original thing i was thinking of (seems to be out dated now):

That site looks so convoluted.

This is a better start

I didn’t conclude from @Omar_Shamroukh to spanish… :wink: anyway it was just a additional hint for professional dental usage as you said:

Yes. I taught high school graphics, 3D modeling, and animation. I used Blender. It’s surprising easy to use and powerful for a free program.

Thank you all for your help