Do you seen this?!

Look to those videos regarding animation in Blender.

There are so cool contraints like spring , melt and surface :smiley:

If i were Ton, i would hire him immediately.
I heard somewhere that cash is no problem for the BF, but a problem to find a coder.
Voila, i think Ivo is a very pro animator and coder:yes:
Do someone know Ton’s email?

Ton’s name is ton and blender foundations homepage’s domain address is, there’s only the @ missing there… :wink:

Thanx Felix! :eyebrowlift2:

Thanks for the link, tungee. I hadn’t seen that yet – exciting stuff! I like the springs and the melting especially…

Are these effects done as Python scripts or in ‘C’ code?

I can see where a simple constraint to limit vertices to a positive value in one plane (X,Y or Z) could create a very simple form of 'melt. It looks like it also uses the negative value to spread the object in the other two planes. Of course, to melt against an arbitrary surface would be much more complex but one could work around that using a tilted camera and compositing. In effect, what I’m saying is that melt is useable as-is although it doesn’t do any hand-holding.

Without knowing much about it, it looked like the spring thing was good-to-go too.