Do you smoke?

well do you?
i dont what about you guys?


I don’t smoke… whenever a friend is smoking I ask him for a smoke, then I will just drop it and step on it… I do the same thing if I see someone younger smoking… It’s fun to see the expression on their face when you ask for a smoke and just step on it… it’s like - what the hell dude… these things cost money… I’m like - It was trying to attack me… If they are smoking and they are too young to smoke hten they can’t tell on me… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We use blender we can not afford smokes :stuck_out_tongue:

NO. I wouldn’t want to take 9 to 10 years off of my life by the time I turned 70. And all the money you would waste on smoking, that goes into just about more then 100,000 dollars over your lifetime. Enough for nearly anything.

I don’t smoke, I live.

Not that your actions can’t be entirely justified, but that way you might lose a potential good friend. I don’t smoke, but I know a lot of people who do and most of them are underage. That’s their problem, I gave up on talking them out of it a long time ago. And my dad smokes too, so I’m not really bothered by it.

ive seen ten year old smoker but worse is done at this age…

I don’t smoke. I’m a big fan of breathing.

For once I agree with Kansas_15 completley about something :smiley:

I smoked off and on from age 16 up until about 6-8 months ago (I’m 25). My grandmother died with a cigarette in her hand and 10-15 years earlier than she should have so I got out of it while the getting was good. She fell forward in the chair she was sitting in and snuffed the ciggarette out with her cheek… her older sister who is 92 and loved her a lot smokes at leas a pack a day thought this was hilarious. They were rebellious women with dark senses of humor I guess :slight_smile:

For all you smokers just remember, the sooner you quit the greater the chances of your lungs recovering fully and becoming normal again are (yes this is medically proven to happen).


I don’t smoke, but I used to second-hand smoke a few packs a day. And it seems that at work, smokers get to take way more breaks than us semi-healthy non-smokers. Maybe I should take up smoking?

Nah, you should just make friends with more smokers

(not really though, 2nd hand smoke is worse for you…)

I don’t smoke, I just eat.

Nope. Never have, and I never will.

I had some friends who smoked… it’s such a horrible habit. Since they were underage, they had to have their older friends buy the cigarettes for them. And when they’re older friends weren’t around to help them out, they would just scrounge through ashtrays at the gas station trying to find any remnants of something they could smoke. It was disgusting. They would find used cigarettes from who knows where and smoke them (or whatever was left of them).

For some reason, it’s just not all that appealing to me…

I quit 36 years ago.

HELL yes. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this. Then again, none of my friends smoke so…

Ya, I’m firmly against smoking, having seen a close family member struggle with it. Seeing some of those cancer horror stories is also… well… :o

Don’t smoke, sometimes wish I did cause then I would get more break times at work…

/me mutters about employees who skive off for a cigarrette break every 15 minutes… :x


I only smoke what others leave for me.
In holland it’s still not illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants.
I hear there is a new law in england that will ban sigarettes around food, even pubs that serve food. that’s great!
In the US you can only smoke outdoors? Woow!

I’m the worst kind, I’m a stopped smoker, I hate all smokers!
Then again, I hate everybody!!! (except you).
In the old days I’d lite a sigarette after pressing F12 and have a good smoke.
Sometimes I long for thoose days when I work with Maya.
Now I just wonder around the blender forums when I’m waiting on a render.

I don’t smoke, and don’t plan to ever. It’s stupid. If I ever pick up a cigarette and give it a puff, I hope it will explode through some freak accident and kill me. After all, that’s what it’s going to do eventually anyway.

I quite smoking about 6/7 years ago … I liked it though… but it was my mind wich told me that if I wouldn’t quite then … I’d probably never do …

I’m the worst kind, I’m a stopped smoker, I hate all smokers!

Still when I am around friends who smoke… I sometimes feel like a cigg.

Then again, I hate everybody!!! (except you).

Haha… ja dat is zeer logisch … tzijn ook allemaal loesers…

In the old days I’d lite a sigarette after pressing F12 and have a good smoke.
Sometimes I long for thoose days when I work with Maya.

I had a fixed place for my ashtray, next to my monitor… I’d put my cigg in the ashtray while typing… after a while the casing of my monitor had changed colour on one side because of the smoke floating up in the air against the side…



i havent smoked, i dont smoke and ill never will smoke. i only inhale the smoke of other egoistic smokers