Do you still type elysiun?

Just wondering if people still type elysiun or not. I still do (it’s shorter:D )

I must admit that I type like 90% of the time Elysiun, because I made ofthen mistakes when typeing blenderartists as well that it’s quite hard to blindy type it because of the tists in it and ofthen get an error that I make a typo.
Another thingy is that I still got ELysiun in my bookmarks to click and and I’m too lazy to update it. :smiley:

Personally I like the word Elysiun more then Blenderartists since the new name sounds too common and too simple. Elysiun is something you see less then combination words like Blenderartists, blendernation, blenderthis blenderthat blenderwhatever, but that’s my oppinion. Elysiun sounds more abstract for me, more something that doesn’t say anything and makes you curious about finding out what is it.:cool:

Well I type blenderartists in school because elysiun got blocked for some reason…

99% of the time I’m on my computer and I have BlenderArtists on my favorite Toolbar in Firefox so I don’t type it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

be a real, and have as your home page :cool: no need to type it !

I’m using bookmarks… no need to type the URL.

me too

10 chars

well i dont type anymore, in in my quicklinks toolbar, but the link is to elysiun it then redirects me to here

My bookmark is still for elysiun, because it works, and I’m too lazy to change it.

I used bookmark but i changed it to blenderartists it switched

My bookmark says “Blender Forum.” When I am at an away computer, however, I usually type


I use a quick link that says ‘blenderartists’ …at school I type and I have to click forums

I’ve got Blender artists bookmarked, but whenever I’m somewhere else I just can’t stop typing elysiun… Got to used to it I guess

Same here, everytime I try to type… I keep messing up… I have to delete and retype at least 3 times… So I use

Even now, proofreading before posting, I noticed I typed .com instead of .org :eek:

Its my homepage.

(Well, 1 of 4)

you reminded me that it is also my hompage…

I don’t know why i fergot that!!!

I have elysiun in the address bar list, I haven’t bothered to change it.

I use elYsiun, it’s a lot easier to remember.

oddly, my school blocks all sites with forums. except for elysiun.

oh yeah, ftw!

Elysiun. It sounds better.