Do you think a show called 'American artist' would do well?

I mean think about this, with all the American Idol spinoffs I would love to see how a spinoff focusing on art would do and have those nitpicky judges.

Like some art may be judged like this.

“Superb, you can really feel the color and tone and it just pulls you in”


“That art is so bad a pig could do better, I see crap dripping from all the edges, the form is hard to make out, and it’s just so horrible I may as will just vomit all over the piece right now if I just ate lunch”

So what do you think?

yes, i can see people lugging their laptops and wacom tablets/paints and paintbrushes and canvas / colored pencils ect around, and then some british guy, a dark skinned guy, a white girl, and some other stereotyped person watching them for an hour+ to see if their style and execution is good.

so in otherwords, no, i dont see any way in hell this would even be remotely successfull. :slight_smile:

and besides, it is hard to judge what exactly makes ‘good’ art anyways.

I think that would be the fatal flaw of any such show.

There really is no set standard on which to judge art in general. However something could probably be set with “the most photorealistic” competition, or some other competition that is geared toward a specific art stype, rather than just “art”.

In theory the idea isn’t so silly. As a painter myself, I have also thought along similar lines … “Painting with the stars” for example. Each week the guest/star would be coached in a particular genre then have to reproduce something along those lines. Of course one hitch here is that some paintings take weeks to complete - but hey, this isn’t reality, it’s “reality TV”.

The fact that “what is art?” can’t be nailed down is completely irrelevant since the same can be said of music and dance.

The problem, I believe, is that art (painting/drawing etc) does not have the idol status that music has or the visual apeal that dancing has.

So the trick to getting this up and running is to work out how to convince a TV exec that it has popular appeal. The most obvious selling point is that it would employ the same humiliating “judging” and “voting off” employed by the other shows. For some reason, humiliation sells to such an extent that people are actually willing to spend money on phone calls to take part!

painting is not a performance, its a finished product.

Oh gee, I don’t know, it might be fun to have some dillrod say “nah…your stuff sux…you’ll never be an artist, go home” and then have the audience laugh at you. Might prove to be a real motivational kick in the pants. :rolleyes:

Do any of you get the UK show that Rolf Harris produces? He has three artists each have two weeks to produce a protrait of a guest (star of some sort) and the guest gets to choose which of the three renditions they keep.

Since when did TV become reality?

Since when did TV become reality?

somewhere around the mid to late 90’s i believe.

just like project runway, yes it would be successfull but it would span over 6 months for the contestants.


They have already done shows in which artists compete, Ammusionist’s example, or Watercolour Challenge - three artists paint the same scene in (I think) two hours - the best one wins. It is usually easy to see the best one as well, as the time limit rewards artists who know their limitations and material well.

So I don’t think it would be that difficult, the auditioners have to do two or three minute quick sketches of something (most likely a person), and if it is good enough they pass on. As the show progresses the challenges are longer and more difficult - culminating in a week long challenge to produce a chosen piece that the public vote on for the finalists.

It doesn’t have to be fair, as the music ones never are. Just entertaining.


While a competition would work, it would only be entertaining to see the arts get bashed by the judges. I don’t think most people would enjoy watching artists work. The time for someone to produce art greatly varies. While some can paint something in just an hour, others spend incredible amounts of time. The other thing that would cause problems is the fact that what is seen as art varies greatly from one person to another. It would be easy for an artist to make an abstract painting in very little time and see it as art, but it might be more difficult for others to see it as good art. The only ones who can truely judge art are the artists themselves. An artist is their own biggest critic.