Do you think anybody would start a project with me if...

Heeeyyooo… I didn’t know where to put this question so I’ll just put it here. I’m in the making of learning Blender (learning quickkly) and writing a game plot (I got the idea from my Kingdom Hearts High), and the plot’s…great, so far. I love how it’s going and i’m sure that with the right people(s) working on it, it would do great. It’s still WIP, but I wanted your guy’s’s opinion on this:

If I did the character design, and started a project and had other’s do the rest (cause I’m just human) would that be sufficient? (I’d be directing the project’s progress and all) I’m just curious. Because I’m sure that my idea could lead to a commercial game being made, if it had the right people working on it-and generally if there are more people with specific strengths working on specific things, work goes smoother, right?

perhaps you’ll know the answer after checking team projects .

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Haha I’m not trying to get people to join a project but am asking if they’d be, hypothetically speaking (the nature of my question is hypothetical), willing to join a project if I did character design and whattnot…is this more of a GameDev Forums type question?

I wouldn’t hold my breath…

There’s no shortage of people with game/movie ideas but not enough skill to pull it off.

It’s a lot harder to stick to some big project like that, then you may possibly think. Chances are you think that it will be hard. But, a lot of people think that it will be somewhat easy, compaired to how difficult it actually is. The feeling of thinking up a new project is good. Several people will say that you’re too eager, which is false. The point they are trying to make is that a lot of people start with genuine enthusiasm, but become discouraged after finding out how hard it is to make a game.

i would work with you if i actually knew you in person.
(but i don’t)
this means:
try to rope your friends in, not random people off the inter-nets. :slight_smile:

however, if, for example, you are better at animating than you are at lighting, materials, and compositing, then you could animate something, and if it’s good, someone might be willing to do the l, m, & c.
or the opposite.

however, if, for example, you are better at animating than you are at lighting, materials, and compositing, then you could animate something, and if it’s good, someone might be willing to do the l, m, & c.
or the opposite.

Exactly. I’m learning how to model. Once I earn credibility as a modeler, I’ll begin my…search for people to join my project (I plan on making…a few freaking awesome character models before I begin asking) and list what jobs I would need. I’m not going to ask prematurely…that would be foolish.

OK, so i rethought my ideas over. I’m going to learn Blender, and work on the plot for the game. When I’m good enough, i’ll begin modeling characters for the game. then post my work on GameDev and whatnot, and see if anybody wants to make a prototype with me. We make a website, show off what we get…but then what? Can we sell the prototype to game companies and still retain the copyrights or whatever? What would I/We do from there?

Game plot has nothing to do with game design doc or very little. So you have to have some develoing experience (render in game engines, game logic, physics, etc) to write proper “recipe” = design doc for your game. Otherwise it is not possible to explain devs that you may find what to do exactly, everybody will have their own opinion, and this is a typical mistake in amateur teams.

More improtant, it is very hard to establish a team of enthusiasts. Basically you will be force to do a bit of all as a team leader, so just character design is not enough even if you are extremely good.

As an example I can provide myself, I was thinking of making personal game from 2006, only recently I got something. This is what I started with, this is what I have now It is amateurish level of course, but I do not say I am a professional. During the development i contacted about 150-200 (no joking) people, I got a bit some help from about 10, and direct help from 1 only. I started getting help only at the level when I had some playble demo. Thus, I was forced to be one man show, I can do a bit of: modeling in blender, programming, scripting, drawing textures in GIMP, writing, character design, and so on.

So, this is the reality, just good idea and character design is very little in game world.