Do you think Blender will eventually have something like surface sketching?

As in drawing a plane, And extruding it up to make a floor for example?.

I know there’s the grease pencil. But Blender seems to not put enough focus on that and when you draw something, Convert to Bezier, Convert to Mesh, And extrude it doesn’t come out right.

Also. I think a pen tool would be cool too. Instead of having to extrude a vertice(s) and spin them.


Might as well through this in since it has to do with drawing/cutting/extruding:

You can do that with the knife tool. Right?.


Add:I have no idea how to use the knife tool. And I can’t get the cut to stay : P

There are several ways to sketch and extrude in Blender. A simple (though not very elegant) method is to add a circle primitive and move the vertices around to make a sketch that you can extrude. If you’re using 2.49b, an excellent way is to create your sketch in Inkscape, save it, import the Inkscape .svg file into Blender, and extrude or spin it. Although this requires learning a new piece of (free) software, you can never expect to see the power and versatility of Inkscape’s 2D sketching capability in a 3D modeler like Blender.

Didn’t know you could do that with a circle!.

By sketch and extrude. I mean something easier like Cinema 4D’s Create Polygon tool:



You can kind of do that already by using 2D curves and making sure the control points are vectors.

Or this could work for some things…

Could you get the shape like that with vector curves?.

And yeah. That vid was what inspired me to make this question : P lol.


i am working on Bezier-Curves sketching module for CADtools now.

  • the functionality of curve drawing/editing like inkscape, but in 3d :slight_smile: