Do you think I should learn 3d studios max?

(Ecks) #1

OK I have a friend that bought 3ds max fro school and I asked him if he could give it to me for a week or two and he said yes. Now that I install it I have to learn it but I am afraid that if I become good in 3ds max I let blender away on my hard drive…What should I do? TX :-?

(SGT Squeaks) #2

give it a try, just because you use 3d studio doesn’t mean you will leave blender. I use lightwave at work and I have a copy of it at home, but I like to use blender because its more of an accomplishment to make something sweet out of a free program.

(IMProvisar) #3

Try it out… if it’s a better tool for you, and if you never use Blender again, no need to feel bad about it.

Try stuff out, use what works. :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #4

Actually, I am currently teaching myself Lightwave right now, (waiting for my Inside LW book to come).

Do what you want. For me, LW is a much better program than 3DS. But that is my opinion.

Good luck with it.


(stukkm) #5

if you take 3ds max over blender, the blender gods will be angered and you will be doomed to an eternity in hell.

P.S. kidding! i once tried 3ds max, but only for a few minutes. i absolutely hated the interface (yeah, i admit i barely spent time in it but after getting used to the great interface of blender…). luckily i didn’t go out and buy a copy and just tried it on a friends pc

(Timonides) #6

I haven’t tried 3dsmax yet, but I tried maya on my winxp box…
I didn’t like it, not to mention that it crashed several times(!!!).
Has anyone encountered this before with Maya???

Anyway I like Blender very much…


(VelikM) #7

I took a class at the local college last winter for 3DStudio VIZ (3DStudio Max with out all of the plug-ins), I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot, and I still prefer Blender. Nothing that increases your knowledge about 3D is a waste.

(Goldfire) #8

Ive learned both 3dsmax and maya. Actually did a year long course on maya. Even on a high end computer with 1 gig of ram maya does strange stuff and crashes more than it should. 3dsmax on the other hand has never given me much trouble. I cant see how learning 3dsmax will hurt you. Just because a program is expensive doesnt always make it better. My favorite modelling program is wings3d. My knowledge of other modelling programs didnt affect my preferences much.

(Haunted-House) #9

Maya does seem a little unstable…and that GUI is awful…
It won’t hurt to learn 3dsmax it’s pretty good.

(digitalSlav) #10

3d studio max r2 has some fun little quirks on startup - guess that’s what happens when mortals make programs :slight_smile: i think you’ll crawl back… lightwave or xsi though would probably catch your interest a little more. even though these programs are awesome i still find it faster to knock out a model in blender :slight_smile:

(valarking) #11

3ds max is the most unstable program i’ve ever had. mostly it crashes when i click save, detroying my work, i’ve done about 15 3dsmax projects, and about 5 of them were saved successfully, i also have to restart my computer to close it, it lingers after i close it and locks up my computer. nasty little pos.

(mr_manic) #12

When looking at computer applications it isn’t a case of what works for one works for all. I like to use blender because you can do so much with it but for some reason it is really slow on the repaint, when I navigate menus or rollover buttons it can take a second to repaint each letter of the menu options when i move the mouse over it, (thats on my XP machine). It is fine on Win98.

I do struggle with the interface though, I find it quite complicated.
I have recently been looking at Cinema4D. Its interface is easier but the version I have han’t got as much functionality as blender.

I would rather be good with blender than cinema4d. Especially if updates are free.