Do you think it is a bug?

Hey, I’ve been having trouble with something in Blender 2.49a and I am starting to wonder if it is a bug and I thought I would get your opinions. What happens is that when I wrap my UV map around my mesh, all the colors are assigned appropriately, except for one location where it stamps (multiple times) my UV map image on a few individual faces (there are pictures in another of my posts in the Support-Modeling section). As I assigned the UV map to the entire mesh, it seems odd to me that Blender (as far as I can tell) is applying the entire map to not just my mesh but to some individual faces as well. Do you think it’s an error of my own or is Blender’s? If it helps, you can download my .blend file from…4e75f6e8ebb871

Um, the .blend you uploaded doesn’t even seem to have a set of UV co-ords. I would look up a tutorial or two on UV mapping.

Lol, I admit I don’t know a lot about blender but I do know how to set up a UV map. I just didn’t package the .blender file appropriately before uploading it. Anyway, the problem has been resolved in another thread (there is a link to it below if anyone is interested) and I thank you for your time.