Do you think Morgellons is real?

I heard about this freaky disease or syndrome called Morgellons, which the medical community denies is real. Do you think it’s real or just a delusion? And if it is real then why are doctors so adamant that it’s not?

Well, I did not vote. The CDC seems to be taking it a bit more seriously. I am sure that those afflicted will tell you that yes, it is real. My advice, do not breath chemtrail fumes, do not eat any GM food stuffs,stay away from nano products and keep a good pair of tweezers on hand.

Good luck…

Thats intresting. I´ve never ever heared of Morgellons. But it sounds rather like a parasite than a actual disease but maybe i understand something else under the term disease with my native-german mind.
But considering the fact that on the human skin live over 180 microorganisms and some still unknown why shouldn´t one of them mutate or make an evolutionary step and grow into human sight…

I found this, a scientist says there is a link between Morgellons and agrobacterium, which is used to genetically modify food! Agrobacterium can manipulate DNA of plants, and even human cells! If that is the case, that’s pretty scary! I guess this is what happens when scientists try to play God…

From the article:

Morgellons Disease first became known in 2001, when Mary Leitao created a web site describing the illness in her young son, which she named after a 17th century medical study in France describing similar symptoms.

If true, it kind of discounts Agrobacterium.

Morgellons Is real human body adapts to changes ,there are s o mandiseases and stuff that scientists dont know about of course in the video that dumb as doctor thinks he knows it it all when he clearly doesnt he has a freakin ego problem , people should be scared new diseases viruses etc popup almost everysingle day ,i clearly hate doctors or people like thatdude who think that they know everything and just starightup say nonop notta its not possible i think they are ignorant xxxxx ,remember if your human anything goes ,anything is possible so be scared and always be prepared like mcgiver

Are you drunk? :smiley: scnr or simply in a hurry?
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No it doesn’t. Agrobacterium is naturally occurring. It is possible to come in contact with it thru soil. They had it back in the 17th century too. Anyway, the fact that there are MORE occurrences since they started using agrobacterium to genetically modify food seems to indicate there is a link… Here are some of the crops that are modified:
Agrobacterium is listed as being the original source of genetic material that was transferred to these USA GMO foods [7]:

  • Soybean
  • Cotton
  • Corn
  • Sugar Beet
  • Alfalfa
  • Wheat
  • Oilseed Rape (Canola)
  • Creeping bentgrass (for animal feed)

Ok this is coming from a non biology major guy but just because they transfered DNA from Agrobacterium to a plant doesn’t mean that it is actually the whole bacteria and therefor the living thing that is being transplanted.
So for Agrobacterium to be the cause of the desease would mean that a human actually picked up the dna from the soil or food and transformed it somehow into their body. Isn’t that more than unlikly?
Please be aware that I’m not saying that Morgellons doesn’t exist I’m just stating a question that I find it unlikely, with my little knowledge of genetics that I have, being caused by genetically modified food through direct transfer of genetical material.

It has been suggested that agrobacterium can genetically transform human cells.
Take a look at this article:

Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a soil phytopathogen that elicits neoplastic growths on the host plant species. In nature, however, Agrobacterium also may encounter organisms belonging to other kingdoms such as insects and animals that feed on the infected plants. Can Agrobacterium, then, also infect animal cells? Here, we report that Agrobacterium attaches to and genetically transforms several types of human cells. In stably transformed HeLa cells, the integration event occurred at the right border of the tumor-inducing plasmid’s transferred-DNA (T-DNA), suggesting bona fide T-DNA transfer and lending support to the notion that Agrobacterium transforms human cells by a mechanism similar to that which it uses for transformation of plants cells. Collectively, our results suggest that Agrobacterium can transport its T-DNA to human cells and integrate it into their genome.

Well, ok. I consider myself corrected. The point I was trying to make (I admit, badly) was that it’s a little early to be jumping to possible conclusions when this hasn’t even been classified as a disease yet. Meanwhile, over at Youtube, the conspiracy nutcases are already springing into life:

And you thought that aliens were large…Heh…
I would not classify it as a disease but more of a Phenomenon. I personally don’t think it is anything organic.

Its real, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Fucking wierd tho.

It seems to be real, very unusual disease as it seems.

If agrobacterium can transform cells, can it be genetically modified to turn people into Dragons, or at least turn your skin into that of a lizard’s?:smiley:

Don’t listen to most doctors, they only think they know what they’re talking about. 8(?) years in med school will not give you common sense.

But they still can be useful, I’m not suggesting to boycott the medical profession, but just try to think for yourself.

They are humans after all . … .

I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually is related to genetic modification of plants like roofoo is suggesting. I’ve heard of pollen from genetically modified corn causing asthma, so this really wouldn’t surprise me. Some people are claiming to have developed Morgellons after coming in contact with genetically modified cotton seeds.

But as stated AGrobacterium is capable of transforming the body by introducing their T-DNA. Now the genetically manipulated plant does not contain the bacterium rather it contains the DNA. So the bacterium isn’t there to transfer any DNA. To further this line of thought it would mean the plant that was genetically engineered is actually capable of transfering the T-DNA into human cells after having been eaten.
Now why do we see this happening on humans but apparently not on the animals that actually feed of this stuff. Remember pigs are approximatly 95% to 99% compatible with human DNA. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

The Mayo Clinic just concluded a study of Morgellons and they say it’s all psychological.

you just think you turn into a wolf or a dragon, but it’s all in your head.

I like the FPS syndrome best:

then, there’s also this freaky dancing disease that was all the rage back then in France:

in any case, all of them much more funky than depressing diseases from the real world…