Do you think the particle system needs an upgrade?

It does not support voxels and doesn’t seem capable of(easily) creating the jaw dropping effects that other software can.

Yeah I’d love to see a event/node based particle system, that would be so cool. It’s the main area where I feel blender is lacking compeared to other 3D apps I’ve used (I’ve been hoping that when I learn python I’d be able to do the more advanced stuff…).

A voxel system would be nice. The only things I want are probibly being made right now. I’m fine with Blender. Having these things would be cool.

jahka has made nice progress for his particle refactor -

I believe Ton said something in the Blender Conference Keynote about work on the particle system within the next 2 upgrades.

Oh, yeah that’s right, it was on the big board, along with UI refactor and Renderman Integration. 2.5 is going to be the biggest. Ever, even.

In fact…maybe so big…that It might be an 3.0 version :o)

I don’t know, that might happen. But, skipping 8 versions is quite big in itself. I can’t wait!

Anyone mind explaining “voxel?” I thought it was just a 3d pixel. Doesn’t the particle system pretty much represent that?
I could see some sort of cleanup in the particle interface, but I don’t see how voxels relate.

if you want visual examples check out lightwaves particle systems in their gallery.

a better particle system in deed will be better, because for today standards it is quite rudimental.

But as JoOngle stated it will take time because it is not that easy to code than a loop cut tool.

Here’s a little pix taht helps explain what a voxel is:

Here’s the info page on the GSOC proposal:

Alright - it makes a little more sense now. At cekuhnen’s suggestion, I checked their site and found this demo:
which led me to belive that it was just a mixture of particles and dupliverts. This all provides the explanation to what i’ve thought on occasion that the dupli/particle mixture should’ve done. Thanks for the clarification.

There’s going to be better duplivert control sooner or later.

A rewrite would be nice, voxels would also be nice. Imagine a new system that allows for state of the art effects:D


I’d like to be able to bake the particle system, and I’d like to be able to duplicate a particle sytem, controlled by curve guides, without getting funkiness - here’s an attempt to duplicate and mirror an eyebrow -

Like, oh say… A stargate kawoosh? hint, hint I been thinking about attempting it with dupliverted particle emitters combined with shape keys or something… I’m not too crazy about my fluid sim method and I’m guessing voxels would be a big help.

Video games these days seem to have better particle effects than blender, how can that be. Or maybe it’s all just textures and I imagine it’s particles.

mh i am not sure if they are better. they uses forces and well made explosions via well selected image sequences.

for the hypervoxel: keep in mind that hypervoxel in Lightwave is not part of the particle system, but it can work with the particle fx system.

Baking is coming.