Do you think you know this island..?

Hi… a few days ago I post my image (this image) to facebook and twitter… and ask people about this image… I make this image because the reference is so beautiful… so I try to bring it to Blender… hope you like…

Feel free to comment… I’ll happy to see what you think… :slight_smile:

Very nice work, brilliant lighting and texturing

Thanks again Redtop92… :slight_smile:

Great scene! Pretty realistic, good composition and excellent texturing!

Nice indeed, just a few crits:

  • the water next to the beach, make it more like the water is a bit white ( foam like ) and lighter to make it look like you can see a bit trough it.
  • the mountains on the left side, the texture looks a bit horizontal stretched, but isn’t a big problem cause it gives those nice edges in the rocks that look like water levels in history. But you could add a bit displacement to make it more crispy and sharp. :slight_smile:

Thanks ristesekuloski … :slight_smile:

Thanks JD-multi… nah… I try to make a foam with particle… but it doesnt look like a foam… =D …it look like fireflies maybe… maybe for the next render I try to use halo material …maybe it works… we’ll see…
yap… the displacement still not sharp enough… I’ll fix it later… :slight_smile:
thanks JD-multi… your suggestion great and very useful…thanks again… :slight_smile:

hallo bro…ktemu dsini kta…:smiley:

Trees, big trees, so close to sea surface… not realistic at all.
Otherwise, a great scene, well done. Congrats.
Blender now, in the hands of some talented artist… wow. Kicks some asses costing n$.

Really nice feeling of light and warmth. The foreground has shadows indicating
that the sun is to the right but the clouds might look better if flipped.

Nice work. It reminded me a little of this real world picture I ran across recently:

Wkk… hallo juga bro veta. :smiley:

Oh yap. my bad… Thanks mate…you’r right :slight_smile:

Thanks michalis… :slight_smile:

Woooww… thats look so sweet n wonderful… Thanks FutureHack for sharing the image… :slight_smile:

I believe i remember it from James Bond: The man with the Golden Gun!

Really nice! Now make the solar panels :slight_smile:

How creepy, I was thinking of making this yesterday…

Looks pretty nice btw :slight_smile:

Looks nice !
Cycles or BI ?

Kind regards

Great work. I was tricked by the foam close to shore, but as you are aware of the problem, nothing to add.