Do you use the NLA editor?

I’ve used it a little bit but I’m having issues with, say, a mesh suddenly reverting to a T pose, or when I try to add a root location action strip the mesh starts to drift backwards. I am sure it’s at least partly due to my inexperience with settings like ‘hold’ and blend modes etc.

I suppose my question is: is it eventually possible to master the NLA editor completely and have it do exactly what you want, or will it always be a little bit unpredictable?



Just a hint:

If you’re planning to work with the nla-editor your actions you want to blend should only contain keyframes which are necessary.

I.e. constant keyframes of an action which actually are unnecessary/redundant may unintentionally override keyframes of nla-tracks above using replace blending mode or cumulate using add blending mode.

…it always be a little bit unpredictable?

Sometimes it is possible to predict its results.

Many thanks for the good advice.

>>Sometimes it is possible to predict its results.<<

In that case I will persevere! Thank you.