Do you use Youtube Downloaders to save video?

Youtube is a great resource for many of us.
Video tutorials are highly effective than text tutorials.
Some times we may wish to download the video we watched and so many of us use software like youtube downloader and stuffs like that to get a copy of the video.

How many of you guys are using these softwares?
Which is the Best Youtube Video Downloader?

Have You Ever Utilized Mozilla Firefox’s Hidden Cache Folder to get the video that you just watched ? [i know how to do that in win xp, win 7 and ubuntu]

I’ve been using a Linux command-line tool called Clive. I recommend it.

firefox add-on called “Download-Helper”. Definitely the best, will rip pretty much any video on the web to your computer.

It’s just called Downloadhelper, no spaces or hyphens. Here’s the link:

I use realplayer. I download “chess” tutorials and the likes mostly as I am in this phase at the moment. But thanks for other links.

I’ve used FreeFLV converter a couple of times…never downloaded any tutorials though :slight_smile: