Do you want more functionality in the file browser window?

Hi all.

I don’t know if anyone else has found this, but when I am in the file browser, I cant seem to access some basic functions, which i would expect to.

These would be,
Rename either a file or folder
Right click options

I don’t know if there are others that I have not noticed that some of you have, if so, please feel free to post them here.

Ctrl + LMB to rename

cut/copy/paste isn’t available, so are right-click options. What kind of options would you expect?

Rename either a file or folder is F2
copy/cut/paste is Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X
​Right click options is right click…

Is it not???

But yes the file browser in Blend is dinky and weird.

Ctrl + LMB to rename - That I did not know, it is a very strange way of doing it, but thanks for the heads up.

copy/cut/paste is Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X Does not work for me in the Blender File Browser.

Right click options is right click… Also does not work for me in the Blender File Browser.

Am I missing something?

The file browser is fine! its for selecting a file, not reorganizing your computer. it even has bookmarks (other file browsers need that)
And you can rename things easily, I do it all the time.

On a number of occasions, I have used the 3D softwares (Max/Maya etc) File Browser to move files, re organize file structures. It saves time rather than having to load up a separate file browser. And the name of the game is to save time, and o allow for a smoother workflow.

I am not panning the File Browser, Im glad I found that it can do Renaming. But I am interested in seeing if there are other people who like me would like to see the basics such as copy/paste/cut etc introduced to the file Browser.

It doesnt mean the developers have to, its just out of interest I ask the question.

I would love a more fully featured file browser. But what’s there works well and any new features for it should be LOOOOOW priority. :slight_smile:

2.4x had a much more powerful file browser, you could put two browsers next to each other and drag files in both directions to move files between folders. Not sure about cut/copy/paste

That sounds awesome.

I agree that it would not be high priority. And I’m fine with that.

Copy and past would be fine, but nothing much else is needed, we need lots of other things first.

All it is supposed to be for is finding files, two browsers next to each other would be hard to use when you don’t need it.

Open files from a shared network would be nice. Or have an option to use the OS native open/save dialog like in Libre Office.

Image previews.
It desperately needs this.

It already has this. Have a look in the File Browser’s header for the Display Mode buttons (they’re just to the right of the “Create New Directory” button).

i dont know of any actual software that lets you modify and reorganize your files from within its file browser. it is there to load and save files. end of.
that blender does allow you to rename files, choose the type pf file, (blend, blend1/2, movie ,text,script etc) choose how the folders are arranged, (by date, file size, etc) whether to have horizontal or vertical list or image preview, that you can select files with the same shortcut that you would use to select any blender object (A) as well as the standard shift/ctrl click. to name just a few features of the browser, is a small indication of just how much blender has already packed into a function that really only needs to locate, save/load files.

asking for more is just petty and unnecessary and ultimately just shows a laziness on the part of the people requesting such “features”
“can’t be bothered organizing my files from my desktop, i’ll complain until i can do it from within my software package”

grow up, its a 3d modelling program not a desktop OS

Small Tro… Oh, I see. Nevermind.

3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro Etc all allow you to modify and reorganize your files within the browser. So you are flat out wrong there.

Blender has a lot of great functions in the File Browser, I never said it didn’t, so I don’t know why you tried arguing that point.

Asking for more is not petty or lazy and it is certainly not unnecessary.

As already stated, I am only interested in other people thoughts. If the Devs read this thread, and take note, great, but if not, that’s fine, I know they have a lot of other things to be getting on with. This is not a request thread.

I find your whole attitude and reply to this thread, small minded, overly negative, and intentionally rude. As such is has no part in being part of an open forum where people can share ideas. Not to throws insults around.

I would love a working “Do not show hidden files” function for Windows!

Best Regards

yeah, i’m working with a bad attitude atm. sorry
but just because other software does it,(though i’v not seen a version of photoshop or premier that gives you such control over your files as you suggest, maybe in recent versions perhaps) it doesnt invalidate my interpretation of it being lazy. over burdening a program with features that are really unneeded is a bad idea. file management can be done properly and efficiently by your desktop OS, so why would you choke up your software to do the same job?