Do you watch movie Reaction videos on Youtube?

To deal with some stress, I was encouraged to watch people reacting to movies over on Youtube. Not sure why, but it kinda works (against the stress), so I am exploring it a bit these days. I am even considering doing some myself, with some twists I don’t need to go into now. What I was wondering is, do others in here watch this kind of video? If so, who do you watch? I mainly stick with SUMM, Natalie Gold and Ashleigh Burton, although I am trying out a few others. Still not sure why it appeals to me, but it seems kinda… meditative?

The Corridor Crew are quite good with them, but they manage to get professionals to join, and will often times challenge themselves to improve on the original.

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Good when they stick to CGI and VFX stuff. Every other week though it seems they fall back on some annoying “stuntmen react” material. I have no interest in watching people pretend to fight other people or jumping off roofs into cardboard boxes.

As for react type videos more generally… for some reason Youtube has decided to start bombarding me with Cave Divers React videos. Now I can’t stop watching them. No interest in caving nor diving and combining the two is insane.

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I love Corridor and watch everything there! But they never react to full movies, they pick scenes. That seems like a kind of different genre. But I am new to Bohr, so…