Do Your Homework

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last posted a WIP. Even though I model in Silo I still use Blender for everything else, so here it is…

“Do Your Homework” was an idea I came up with that will be a 3d Still that tells a story.

The story is about a boy, his mom, and his pet monster. They were playing loudly when his mom stomps in and tells him to do his homework. The monster had to run in the closet and hide to prevent being discovered.

Here is the work in Silo shortly before I finished modeling it.

Afterwards, I converted it over to blender where I continue work on the materials and later rigging.

And this is where I am at now.

I have chosen to texture by hand in the hopes that it will give me more control than my tiny Graphire Wacom, so far it looks like it has.

Ah, I thought that was you posting this over at CG Talk, but I wasn’t sure. The Silo screen grabs threw me off.

Nice stuff.

The texture map looks a bit low res though. What res are you painting at? I use at least 4096x4096, minimum for my UV layouts.


Hey BigDM, thanks for the compliment

Oh. It’s just 1024 x 1024. I didn’t know it looked low res, but thats a problem because I don’t think my scanner can scan up to the detail you mentioned. I have a wacom, but it’s small and would take me forever to texture something like that with. Oh well.

Completed the bump map. I chose to use it to add a little detail to the existing color map. The color map is unfinished.

the feet need work I think…

I think the eyes need to be larger to give a gentler feeling, because right now he looks like he would be a bit scary for a child to play with.

Hi Howitzer!
Great job with the model. I´m still learning Blender.
(I´m rd in :wink:

RD? Rally Driver? Hey man!

Thanks for the tip Bobfree, but I like the eyes as they are. And i_am_lime, I have rounded the balls of the feet a bit. I have also worked a bit more on the textures.

Here is the update.

Here is an update.

I’ve started work on the bedroom. Don’t worry, I havn’t forgotten about the monster, he will be finished soon.

Very nice bed room. Nice colors.
Yeah it´s me rallydriver.


I have finished rigging the monster, who I now call Toki. No morph targets yet, but when I rigged the jaw overlapping weights sort of created the smile.

Nice model, I like it! I think you could improve on the textures for the nails and horns though.

On a side note, did you know that Toki (pronounced TOK-e~ (long e)) means bunny/rabbit in Korean. Just a bit of asian trivia ;). Yes, I am Korean.

Cool DoubleRing! That’s perfect.

Here is an update- just a turntable. I consider myself finished with this character, and I’m ready to go on to the next.


Fixed the specular by keeping it from showing on the edges… (hint- the specular map is now a blend gradient set to the reflection vector)