Dobby Sculpt

Hi all

Ive been working on this project for the past week or so. I’ve sculpted him for 3D printing.
I’ve done a few basic renders in eevee - nothing fancy, as I wasn’t really in the mode for retopo and texturing etc…

I hope you like him!

Spend a couple of days prepping him for 3D printing. I have released the file, for anyone interested:

I’ve now uploaded a timelapse of the creation process:

Some viewport screens…


I think this is great! :+1:

Just add some finer wrinkles to the face at least, and the clothes he is wearing, seem a bit tiled [ the stiches ] and repeating. Just add a bit of randomness. But I think for 3D Printing, it works
But it is still amazing.

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Hey, thanks - I’m glad you like it.

I actually purposely made him a little more cartoony in his features. I wanted something a little looser for this project. But you’re right, Dobby is pretty wrinkled normally.

Good point about the jumper texture. I should be able to just wiggle the uv’s about a little to add some variation.

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