Dobos torte (Hungarian sponge cake)

You would leave your cake on the balcony floor? Birds, ants, cats…
Very nice work. On the chocolate spirals do you use edge crease? is that mesh subdivided?
At the cut between sponge and chocolate layers, I think the materials would be less uniform (sponge crumbly, chocolate smearing), but maybe not. Send me a piece and I may reconsider :slight_smile:

its on the countertop not on the floor:) yeah i used adaptive subdivison and i think you’re right maybe the textures need a little polish:)

Oh oh, I see the countertop now, but in that case, is it possible there are serious scaling issues (there was a reason why I thought it was the floor of a balcony)?
A 20cm cake would cover approximately 1/3 the depth of the countertop. So those tiles are probably less than 10cm each. That means the black/white mugs (?) are about 3cm diameter (closer in size to thimbles than to mugs), the pots are also small, everything in the background is small.
Inversely compared to the mugs this is a huge cake, if the mugs are correct the tiles are large, say 20cm, and the depth of the counter much larger than usual (hence the balcony…)
It maybe that this one angle is confusing just me and that other angles prove me wrong.
If I’m right try adding real life dimensions to objects to support the realism illusion.

if you watch my portfolio there is a kitchen render, you can see the whole kitchen and counter with better view. everything in the kitchen and a cake has real life size so idk why looks weird… maybe the camera settings? wrong focallength or smg?!