Doc Ock (UPDATE JUNE 27)

Yeha, I am hyped for the second spider-man movie more than any other geeky fanboy on this site. I spend most of my time over on the Super-hero hype boards so I havent been around much. However, got to blending again, so it obviously had a spidey Theme

for some real DOC OCK pics, check these out.

Looking really good :smiley: Could tone down the yellow some, and make the red…dot smaller. Overall its great but could use more detail to be more like the image :slight_smile:

Very cool start. I’ll keep my eye on this.

Ooo nice, yea cant wait for the next spider man. :stuck_out_tongue:

h8ey, just to show them in action i did up a quick little animation, still two tenticles to go, and then to put them on my back thrashing some people!

Damn, this is looking good. Made with dupliframes?

i tried to make something like this once, the legs from the matrix sentinals, and yours is looking very good, much better than mine.

nice, but i think they need to be longer.

First of all, thanks all, second of all, no dupliframes, just duplicated manually, thirdly, they can grow longer, have a look at picks, they extend.