Does anyone know about a free-of-charge doc2pdf convertor which supports the following:
-foreign fonts
-high (5MB+) document size.

I know of a very good one, but it limits you to a document size of 1MB and it cannot handle foreign fonts (like Dragonfly, Old English Text MT etc.).

Foreign fonts are not necessary, but I could do with a higher document limit than 1MB.

Here’s the one I currently use:

Any help is welcome!

Why not use It can save from all of its supported formats (.doc included) into PDF.

Can it convert .doc formats created with Microsoft Office?
Or will I have to download Open Office for it to work?
Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Yes, it can.

Well, it’s not an online converter, but a full-fledged office suite (so, yes).

Well you will first have to download OpenOffice which is a Word processor like M$ Word.

If Office saves into a .doc then OpenOffice will be able to open it to a degree. But you will have to download it to find out.

Like others have already recomended I would too recomend open office. IMO it is more reliable and flexible (specially when it comes to different dictionaries), however if you do not want to switch or are short on disk space to carry two suites, you can try this:
It installs as a printer driver and will work with any application just direct the printer output to it and the result will be a pdf file.


Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
I’m not going to install a second office suite, though, so I went for the PDFCreator.
I have encountered one problem though: the program needs some “SmartSound” plugin and looks for it on the hard drive, concludes that it’s not there, cancels the operation and goes looking for it again ending up in an infinite loop.
Do you know about this, Iec?

I searched the PDFCreator project site and found this:

Apparently, some Adobe products use this plugin, so check if whatever Adobe software you’re using has it properly installed. That, or update Adobe Reader.

I just updated my Acrobat Reader to version 7.0
It still won’t work, so I wonder why PDFCreator needs that damn plug-in when it’s not even supported in version 7.0 :confused:
Why do you need a sound plugin anyway? Acrobat Reader does not support any sound, right?

You can also try this:

It basically does the same thing as PDF Creator.

osxrules: thanks for the link! this one works without any error, but there’s no support for hyperlinks :frowning: guess i’ll take what i can get

iec: thanks for the links, even though I still haven’t figure out the plugin

friday13, kit89, iec, osxrules: thanks for your suggestions, you were a great help! :wink:

the community is as reliable as it’s always been


So uninstall MS Office. I did. :slight_smile:

this just in:

So you can not only upload tutorials on that site for other Blenderheads to use but you can also convert between file formats? :eek:
Hey, sign me up :smiley:
Personally, I think that might be a good place for us to share documentation and the like.
Plus, with it, you can collaborate over various projects with someone. Like a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m gonna test it tonight, but does anyone have any expirience with writely?