Doctor Bob title sequence. Video feedback in Blender

Here’s what I’ve been working on the past two weeks. I just finished it. Let me know what you think. I’m pretty pleased with it. I created most of this in Blender. All done with free software. I just recently installed DaVinci Resolve, which is amazing. All the editing was done with it. I like it a lot! So powerful and professional, and yet free.

The video feedback was created in Blender’s compositor by feeding back previously rendered frames into each consecutive render. This gave me the idea for this project. It really looks like old video feedback. Each time the previous image is copied, it gets larger and more degraded.

(the Hall of Finfish is the name of the HDRI image from HDRI Haven that I used for a background)

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Awesome, let’s time travel to 1979…
Great idea of hacking the compositor to get this effect ! that was fun to watch and quite unusual !

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Thanks for the feedback.

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Excellent. That made me laugh, nice one.

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